Amarillo Foundation Repair


Sometimes, homes are constructed without proper drainage.  The real estate developer may have been on a tight budget or time deadline and made the executive decision to cut corners.  Unfortunately, now you have to suffer.  Nine times out of ten, the unsuspecting homeowner is unaware unless an inspector happened to point out the error.  When your home is in need of drainage correction, you are most likely experiencing small puddles and flooding in your yard.  This buildup of rainwater can wreak havoc on your foundation.  Once water has permeated your foundation, it’s downhill from there.  Your foundation will begin to crack and slip having a negative impact on your home’s entire structure.

What is Drainage Correction?

Drainage correction is a systematic installation of surface drains and pumps that facilitate the movement of water away from your home. Although your home’s foundation may be constructed of concrete and wood, it is not impervious to moisture. Excessive moisture is not good for any hard surface. Eventually, erosion will occur can cause your foundation to prematurely fail or a need to level the structure. Most people will not detect the failure until they begin to notice gaps around the window sills. They will begin to notice cracks in the walls, floors and ceiling. To preempt this failure, drainage correction is imperative.

Benefits of Drainage Correction

Proper drainage correction prevents soil erosion around your home. If you have puddles of water in your flower beds or standing in your yard, it can become a cesspool for mosquitos. Efficient drainage correction prevents mosquito infestation. This technique also allows your plants and trees to thrive. With too much water in the soil, the roots begin to suffocate and rot. Drainage correction prevents your landscape from drowning. If you look across your lawn and notice massive puddles, you’ve got a drainage issue on your hands. Concrete, asphalt and tile are slippery when wet. Drainage correction prevents accidents by keeping surfaces dry.

Scientific Drainage Correction

At Amarillo Foundation Repair we utilize science to devise a proper drainage plan. No guess work is involved. We will first inspect the property to determine where the excess water is coming from. The drainage technician will ascertain how fast the water must drain away from your home. We must decide whether a sump pump or gravity should be used to remedy the problem. During our initial inspection we will determine if the drains should be installed at or below the grade. Finally, we will conclude which combination of drains will be most effective in eliminating puddles and premature foundation failure.

Drainage Correction Solutions

There are a variety of solutions available for home and business owners to remedy drainage issues. We can use area or surface drains on your property. French drains and channel drains are an option to mitigate standing water and flooding. Catch basins and grates are another viable solution. You don’t have to live with flooding and mosquito infestations. A professionally installed yard drainage system will do the trick. You will be able to enjoy your outdoor space like never before. Most of our customers are unaware of the art of drainage collection until we show them how this technique can improve their outdoor experience. For more information about these systems, contact us today.