Amarillo Foundation Repair

Your home is the largest investment that most people will ever make. Home ownership is the American dream. Now that you’re in it and you’re paying your monthly mortgage on top of everything else, you might be thinking that it’s overrated. You wouldn’t be alone in that thought. Imagine how much money your home will be worth when you’re ready to upgrade and sell. A well maintained property fetches more on the real estate market than one in need of repair. House leveling is a repair that is necessary but will also maintain the value of your home.

What is House Leveling?

House leveling is simply the process of leveling your home. Balance is essential in every aspect of life. Your home is no exception. There are a variety of techniques that we can employ to make sure your foundation is level and stable. You may notice cracks in your walls, floors or ceiling. These cracks will eventually creep up the wall, down the floor and across the ceiling. This is an indication of a failing foundation. The sky is not falling. You don’t have to rebuild your home. You need to have your house leveled. If you have an inkling that your home’s foundation is compromised, contact us today for a complimentary inspection.

Causes of Foundation Damage

The earth is always shifting. Soil expands and contracts constantly. Over time, this can cause damage to your foundation. Knowing when you home was built can help you in determining the source of the damage. If you have a home constructed over 100 years ago, you may be in need of house leveling. Termites can eat away at the beams, causing irreversible damage. Severe weather patterns like flooding will also cause your foundation to shift. Fortunately, it’s not the end of the world. There are remedies for this problem. Once we are able to level your home, you can go back to life as normal

Block & Base vs. Pier & Beam

Do you have a block & base or pier & beam foundation? Most people have no clue. A block and base looks exactly how it sounds. Usually cinder blocks with a wood base are used to support a home. The cinder block rests on top of the soil and a flat wood base sits on top of the block. A pier & beam foundation consists of a rebar reinforced concrete pad. A cylindrical concrete mold that is reinforced with rebar is placed on top of the concrete pad. A wooden beam is laid across the concrete mold to form your foundati

Benefits of House Leveling

House leveling can save you time and energy. If you let the issue linger, you will experience more expensive repairs down the line. This necessary repair also boosts the value of your home. You may not be ready to sell just yet, but when your family grows or you find yourself with an empty nest, you may decide to put your home on the market to either upgrade or downgrade to a residence that is more fitting of your lifestyle. If your foundation is compromised you will not be able to receive your offering price. House leveling relieves sticky doors and windows. You will also feel more comfortable walking around your home on even flooring.