Amarillo Foundation Repair

​Pier & beam foundations are constructed to allow servicemen and women to access plumbing easily. They are also used in areas where flooding is prevalent. It is not uncommon for pier and beam foundations to fail. Usually it’s one or two columns. It may seem like the end of the world because foundations are a crucial factor in building construction. However, there are ways to remedy the situation with the proper team, equipment, skill and knowledge. Pier and beam repairs are applicable for residential and commercial applications. It is an affordable option when compared to complete foundation repair.

What is Pier & Beam?

Pier and beam refers to a type of foundation. You may not be familiar with the types of foundations that exist. A concrete pad that rests on top of the soil characterizes this type of foundation. Usually, a cylindrical shaped concrete mold is placed on top of the pad. Both are reinforced with rebar. Typically a wooden beam is laid across the pier and the subflooring rests on top of the wooden beams. You may be able to go outside and detect the type of foundation in place for your home. If you possess this type of foundation and notice the symptoms of failure, contact us for pier and beam repair.

Causes of Pier & Beam Failure

It can be very difficult for a layperson to detect foundation failure. Texas soil is expansive in nature. The contracting of the sub base can lead to pier and beam failure. Soil shifting can cause the foundation to move as little as a half an inch to eight inches. In extreme cases you will notice cracks in your interior walls, flooring and ceiling. If foundation drainage was improperly installed, you will experience premature failure due to flooding. Plumbing leaks can also cause your foundation to shift. Concrete is not impervious to water. Take a look at your water bill. If you notice that the amount owed has sky rocketed, you may have a leak that is negatively effecting your foundation.

Complimentary Inspection

We will not recommend unnecessary services. Amarillo Foundation Repair believes in ethical profitability. Due to the fact that foundation failure is difficult for laypersons to detect, we offer complimentary inspections. During these inspections we will determine how level your home is and inspect the soil. The expert foundation contractor will also analyze the piers and pad. We will go inside your home to detect early symptoms of foundation failure. Once the inspection you will have peace of mind. A written analysis will be given to you for your records. You will be informed that you have a foundation issue or you don’t. Either way you can rest easy knowing what your next steps are.

Early Signs of Foundation Failure

Pier & beam repair is applicable for both residential and commercial structures. Cracking, pools of water, flaking concrete and gaps in and around your foundation are symptoms of foundation failure. Check for large spaces between the floors/walls and the walls/ceiling. If you notice gaps, that is usually an indication that your foundation has shifted. Do you floors droop or is your ceiling warped? If you answered yes to either question, contact Amarillo Foundation Repair for a professional assessment. When your doors and windows don’t close or open easily, it could be a sign that the foundation is no longer balanced.