Amarillo Foundation Repair

Concrete will eventually fail and when it does, contact Amarillo Foundation Repair. You could have a new slab poured but that may be unnecessary and too costly. Schedule a complimentary consultation to determine if slab repair is right for you. When concrete is in need of repair, it is unsightly and dangerous. It doesn’t take much for someone to trip on uneven, chipped, cracked or crumbling concrete. Americans are known to be the most litigious group of people in the world. Do you really want to leave yourself wide open to law suits? Mitigate your legal liabilities with professional slab repair.

Causes of Concrete Failure

There are a myriad of reasons why your concrete may have failed. Depending on where it’s located, it may have been shifted by extremely persistent tree roots. Amarillo receives about twenty inches of rain annually. This city also prone to flooding. Once water permeates the sub base underneath concrete, shifting is inevitable. This shifting usually leaves the concrete slab uneven. Whatever is sitting on top is subject to structural damage. Concrete will settle over time. If it is not poured on top of a reinforced sub base, it will settle into the soil. This settling is not always balanced. More pressure on one side will force the concrete to crack, buckle and eventually break.

Benefits of Slab Repair

With concrete repair, you have peace of mind. Whether you need concrete repair for your home or office, you can rest easy that no one will trip over your concrete. Further damage to your structure is mitigated by professional repair. There are many DIY videos on YouTube illustrating how to repair your own concrete. Unless you have a background in concrete repair, you will not be able to duplicate the level of expertise that a professional can render. You can choose to spend your entire weekend on this project or choose to enlist us to repair your concrete in less than an hour.

Slab Repair Applications

Slab repair is applicable for residential and commercial structures. Our most common slab repair requests are for sidewalks and driveways. We also repair, garage floors, steps, stoops, basements, patios and balconies. Wherever you have concrete, we can repair it. Depending on the location, we will employ different methodologies. We don’t use a one size fits all approach. We have a very thorough and scientific approach to slab repair. Our competitors will charge you an exorbitant amount of money, then use the least amount of time and materials to remedy the situation. When you choose Amarillo Foundation Repair, know that you are selecting an ethical company who specializes in affordable slab repair.

Economically Efficient

There is evidence of failed concrete throughout Amarillo. Why is this the case when slab repair is so affordable? Most people are afraid of sticker shock. Concrete slabs appear massive and most folks associate the size of the job with the cost. What they don’t realize is that concrete is an economically efficient construction material. When you are a concrete expert and have all the tools necessary to complete the job efficiently, slab repair becomes routine and affordable. Our prices are manageable for any household and commercial budget. To learn more about our prices and how we can repair your concrete, contact us today.