Amarillo Foundation Repair


Welcome to Amarillo Foundation Repair where we specialize in settlement repair.  If you are experiencing the after effects of a compromised foundation, contact the best.  We service all of Amarillo, Randall County and parts of Potter County.  When you hire us, you can rest easy at night knowing that your assets are protected.

Our team is adept at structural damage repair. Should you experience structural damage as a result of a shifted or cracked foundation, we can devise a viable plan and institute it so that you can go back to your life as normal. For more information about foundation repair, schedule a complimentary inspection.

About Us
At Amarillo Foundation Repair, we do more than repair cracked concrete. We are a full service sewer, foundation and landscape drainage company. You will be impressed with our high level of professionalism, attention to detail and our ability to finish the job ahead of schedule. We have been in business for over thirty years. During that time we have serviced thousands of customers and established a secure and reliable supply chain. This allows us to offer services at a discounted rate. When you enlist us to repair your sewage lines, foundation, concrete slab and landscape drainage, you can trust that the job will be done correctly without cutting corners.


Our Services

We offer a myriad of services including foundation inspection, house leveling, house raising and foundation repair services. If you’re new to the world of foundation repair, many of these terms and descriptions can be confusing. Schedule a complimentary inspection and the lead foundation inspector will answer every question that you may have about your foundation, how to repair it and remedying in structural damage. Foundation leveling is imperative to prevent further damage to your home or office. When these matters are allowed to linger, they will inevitably cause more damage and drive up repair costs. Contact us today if you believe you may have an issue with your foundation, drainage or sewer line.



For top, affordable sewer line repair, contact Amarillo Foundation Repair today. When you have problems with your plumbing, it can effect your foundation. Foundations are not impervious to water. Within the construction industry concrete is often compared to a rigid sponge. It literally absorbs just about every liquid that it comes into contact with. If sewage is leaking or is backing up, it may negatively effect your foundation. Some symptoms of sewer line problems include slow drainage, noxious odors and sewage backups.


Most people live with drainage issues because they have no idea that drainage correction exists. Drainage correction is an option for anyone that has issues with standing water in their landscaping and around their home or business. Prevent horrible mosquitos and allow your greenery to thrive with drainage correction. Drainage correction also mitigates soil erosion. Farmers can expect to increase their yields with proper drainage correction. To learn more about how drainage correction can positively impact your home, shoot us an email with all your questions.

“Our plumbing had been draining slow for a couple of weeks.  When the sewage smell started to permeate the house, I knew we had a plumbing issue.  It turns out that our sewer lines were clogged.  If we hadn’t handled it right away, we would have had a sewage back up.  Amarillo Foundation Repair came to the rescue and was right on time.” – Pat & Constance H.



For most people, foundation repair is a whole new world. To understand how your foundation will be repaired, you must understand the industry lingo. House leveling and house raising mean the same thing and are used interchangeably. All foundations eventually fail but if there have been severe weather patterns and an improper initial install, they will fail prematurely. House leveling is used when your foundation has shifted, cracked or been compromised in any way.


You don’t have to live with unsightly, uneven concrete. Mudjacking allows you to level your concrete without utilizing invasive procedures. Call us for a free inspection estimate. We are versed in repairing concrete cracks for businesses and homeowners. If you have buckled or raised concrete on your premises, you are at risk of a major law suit. Imagine what would happen if someone tripped and fell over the failed slab. Mudjacking is applicable for sidewalks, driveways, patios, steps, stoops and garage floors.

“We were in desperate need of foundation repair services.  It was obvious that we had foundation issues but we put it off because we assumed the repairs would be expensive.  Amarillo Foundation Repair was affordable, quick and thorough.  I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of foundation repair.” – Tyson & Tina P.



If you have a pier and beam foundation, we can assist you if you have experienced a compromised foundation. Foundation repair is no laughing matter. It is not a procedure that you can put on the back burner. Unfortunately, what you cannot see can hurt you. When you foundation is failing it will inevitably cause structural damage in and outside your home. For the best foundation repair company, contact Amarillo Foundation Repair.


A cracked slab is usually the result of settling problems or tree root disturbance. Slab repair is much cheaper than pouring new concrete. If your concrete is cracked, chipped, cracked or broken, we can repair it within your budget. There are several DIY videos showing homeowners how to repair slab. We highly recommend that you hire a professional for professional results. When you hire a slab repair veteran, you are receiving years of research and learning. A professional can complete in one hour what will take you an entire day. Get on with your life by hiring Amarillo Foundation Repair.

“I was doing research on foundation repair.  I began reading the foundation repair reviews for Amarillo Foundation Repair.  Their customer reviews were stellar.  I contracted them to repair my post and beam foundation.  They did not disappoint.  My home is no longer leaning and they assisted with structural repairs.  Their clean up was amazing.” – Cynthia B.


We welcome the opportunity to service your needs and remedy any foundation, drainage or sewage issues. There is no secret to what we do. Consistency is key along with diligently working to establish rapports with our suppliers and customers. Having been in this business for over thirty years, we recognize the importance of alliances. Our vendors extend discounts that we are able to offer to our customers. Foundation repair methods are many. There is no such thing as one tried and true method. Sometimes multiple techniques are used to completely remedy the problem. You are invited to phone now to receive a prompt response within 24 hours.