Amarillo Foundation Repair

Concrete is popular because of is price efficiency and durability. It is used in nearly every building constructed within the state of Texas. Although it is durable, it is not impervious to tree roots, soil settling or erosion. We have all seen concrete slabs buckle, crack and sag from gravitational forces. You may have thought that there was nothing that could be done besides replacing the slab. Replacements are definitely possible but are not the most efficient way to attack the problem. Mudjacking allows us to make slabs even and balanced for walking and using wheel chairs.

What is Mudjacking?

Mudjacking is exactly what the name implies. You may have heard it called slab jacking, concrete lifting, slab leveling or pressure grouting. Mudjacking is the process of using grout to even concrete slabs. If a slab of concrete is not level, grout is injected under it or under the surrounding slabs to create an even surface. Once the surface is level, you can place appliances and equipment on top without it sloping. You can walk across it without fear of tripping and people in wheelchairs and other wheeled devices and equipment can roll across it with ease. If you have uneven concrete slabs on your property, consider mudjacking as an affordable option.

Causes of Concrete Slab Failure

Root damage, erosion and settling are the primary causes of concrete slab failure. Our large cotton wood trees grow large and strong. Short of removing the tree itself, there is really no way to control its root growth. When they stretch their roots through the soil, they have no concern for man made materials. They will push and shove anything in its way. Your concrete is no exception, even if you have a pier and beam style foundation. We get a lot of rain in this part of Texas. Once water impacts the sub base, erosion and shifting is inevitable. If the concrete is not resting on top of a reinforced sub base, it will settle. When concrete shifts it doesn’t settle evenly, causing the slab to buckle, sag and brea

Benefits of Mudjacking

Would you rather spend thousands of dollars to replace slabs of concrete or a few hundred to level it?  Mudjacking offers an affordable option to slab replacement.  Get to the source of the problem.  Mudjacking fills the voids in the soil.  When the slab shifts again, it will shift on stable ground, making it less likely to fail.  Mudjacking is a quick process. Slab replacement can take a few days whereas mudjacking can be completed within the hour.  If you’re concerned with color uniformity, consider mudjacking.  Pouring a new slab of concrete next to an old slab with not yield a cohesive appearance.

Cost Effective

Not only is mudjacking less expensive than slab replacement, it comes with a comprehensive warranty. We stand by our craftsmanship and ability to do quality work that will endure for years to come. Should you experience a defect, contact us as soon as possible for a viable remedy. Amarillo Foundation Repair has the best mudjacking prices in Randall and Potter County combined. We invite you to do your due diligence. You will discover that not only is this service priced below market value, we are also lauded for our high level of professionalism and efficiency. You can expect expert clean up. Unlike our competitors, we won’t leave your property in disarray.